Stay Well Delano Two Queen Suite

Stay Well Delano Queen Suite

Inspired by the radiance of Las Vegas, The Queen Suite offers stylish luxury accented with refined hints of the iconic western expanse. Every detail embodies the fusion of Delano's iconic window sheers, crisp white-on-white linens and oversized tufted headboards, updated with smooth, rolling accents for a pleasantly untouched feel. Each suite features a private bedroom with two queen beds, a refreshingly spacious spa-style bath, and a discrete living room with its own powder room. Begin your wellness journey here with the state-of-the-art Air Purification system, natural memory foam Stay Well Mattress, Dawn Simulator inspired by nature's sunrise, Energizing Mirror with circadian lighting, Soundscape Machine, Stay Well Shower Infuser, and complimentary access to Cleveland Clinic Wellness programs.


The proper use of the Air Purifier can help reduce the risk of exposure to contaminated air from previous occupants. However, effective cleaning, hand washing, and following CDC guidelines for physical distancing and wearing face coverings are the best ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19.